Admiring an amazing Emile Friant painting at the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Nancy, France

Joseph Todorovich, Danielle Lipking, Michelle Dunaway, Jeremy Lipking

Plein-Air Painting in Malibu, CA

Jeremy Lipking, Michelle Dunaway, and Katie Whipple (taking the photo)

Painting trip to Vermont 2010

Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, Michelle Dunaway, Katie Swatland, Daniel keys

Photo by: Lori Woodward Simons

Michelle and Richard Schmid ~ painting Alla Prima

Michelle and Nancy Guzik ~ painting in Nancy's studio

Dinner with the Putney Painters in Vermont after a day of painting

Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, Michelle Dunaway, Allison Malafronte, Penelope Simpson, Chris Keating, Daniel keys, Lori Woodward Simons, Rosemary Ladd, John Smith, Dennis Sheehan, Katie Swatland, Kathy Anderson

Dinner at American Artist's Weekend with the Masters Colorado Springs, CO 2009

Chuck Morris, Tony Pro, Danielle Lipking, Jeremy Lipking, Jacob Collins, Kristen Thies, Molly Schmid, Frank Serrano, David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw, Quang Ho, Nancy Guzik, Richard Schmid, Daniel James keys, Michelle Dunaway, Dianne Dominguez, Roze Frantzen

Group Trip to Paris to see the Sargent Y Sorolla exhibit

Charlene Lau Ahier, Ernesto Nemesio, Tony Pro, Mark Boyle, Gwen Ballantyne, Jeremy Lipking, Michelle Dunaway

Michelle Dunaway and Jane Seymour with Michelle's painting of Jane's daughters
Painting in the California hills

Artists in Paris 2007

Michelle Dunaway, Gwen Ballantyne, Charlene Lau Ahier


Finalists in the Portrait Society of America's Portrait Competition 2010

Nancy Guzik, Michelle Dunaway, Jeremy Lipking, and Ryan Brown at the awards banquet.



Plein-Air painting a waterfall in Vermont

John Smith, Michelle Dunaway, Richard Schmid, Diane Rath, Kathy Anderson, Rosemary Ladd, Nancy Guzik

Photo taken from atop the waterfall by Katie Swatland.

Group trip to see Richard Schmid's Retrospective show 2003

L-R, F-B
Michelle Dunaway, Nancy Guzik, Richard Schmid, Kerri McCullough, Martin Kilner, Tony Pro, Ryan Wurmser, Jeff Wand, Jeremy Lipking, Joseph Todorovich, Rick Morris, Aaron Westerberg

Michelle's paintbrushes
Photo by Christa Meola

Every painting is a journey~


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